Accelerated Abrasion Resistance BCA Testing

Concrete slab abrasion resistance tests can be conducted using the Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine to carry out tests in accordance with EN 13892-4.

It checks for compliance with the limits in BS 8204 Part 2, in order to determine the BS ‘Classification for Abrasion Resistance’ for a specified slab surface, and also Table 5.1 found within section 5 of The Concrete Society’s Technical Report No 34.

British Standards ‘Classification for Abrasion Resistance’ for a specified slab surface is detailed in Table 3 and Table 4 of BS 8204-2:2003 + A2:2011 and as per EN 13892-4

methods of test for screed materials

determination of wear resistance

for testing on specimens 500x500 mm and on laid screeds

It consisting of:

abrasion head with three hardened steel wheels

electric motor with gear

round steel plate with additional weights

steel frame for motor and abrasion head

marking template for fixing the steel frame and positioning the depth gauge

specimen mould

transport cart

Technical Data:
steel wheels: diameter max: 76 mm
width 20 mm hardness 735 HV
speed: 2850 ±10 1/min test time approx.: 15 min
total load: 65 ±0,5 kg dim: 360x360x600 mm
electrical connection: 230 Volt / 50 Hz weight: 80 kg