About Us

Flatworx Consulting offers professional consultancy services to owners, developers, contractors and end users who are looking for the best industrial concrete floor slab they can get. We also provide concrete Floor evaluation and troubleshooting of concrete Floor construction-related issues.

We conducts reviews of project documents, condition surveys, Design of Concrete floors as per TR34, coordination of onsite construction activities and also provide field testing and sample extraction for laboratory testing of field samples. Data and observation gathered from the field and overall analysis is presented in concise reports that provide basis for conceptual repair recommendations.

Flatworx Consulting have been evolved with founders has over 15 years’ experience of concrete industrial flooring including 5 years as Technical and Commercial Director for the contracting vertical known for 'Design Build and Warrantee' specialist sub-contractor in India.

Services We Offer

Industrial Concrete Floor Design as per TR34 4th Edition

BOQ formation with appropriate Screed Plan optimization

Floor Execution QC monitoring and Supervision

Surface Regularity Inspection and FM/DM Floor Certifications

Polished Concrete Flooring Inspections and Measurements

Contractor Flat Floor execution and Training Services

Floor Maintenance Surveys and Repairs Technique

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Our Vision

Offer the Quality & Sustainable Solutions to clients helping them to maximize their Industrial floor efficiently.

Our Mission

The Industrial Floor is the most important part of a building as it affects the speed, safety and efficiency of the materials handling equipment that runs on it. According to the floor requirement, it is essential that the correct Technology & Approach is applied in terms of design, construction and maintenance to ensure the floor is fit for purpose.

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