Industrial Concrete Floor Design as per TR34 4th Edition


The performance of a floor depends on the design, specification and the techniques used in its construction. We provide Industrial Concrete Floors and construction of ground-supported concrete floor Design Consultancy based on fourth edition of Concrete Society Technical Report 34 Concrete industrial ground floors. The fourth edition is the result of a thorough review of all aspects of floor design and construction. Experience since 2003 suggests that ground-supported floors constructed in accordance with TR34 have provided good performance. This experience has been based largely on steel fabric floors with sawn joints and on ‘jointless’ steel-fibre-reinforced ground-supported floors. Significantly, the design guidance in this edition has been expanded and is the most comprehensive and proved to be the most comprehensive bible for Industrial Concrete Floor Design.

Founders of Flatworx has an experience of 15 years dealing in design of Floors using indigenously developed models with assistance of softwares to vet Floor designs are have installed numerous floors with such design experience successfully.