Polished Concrete Flooring Inspections and Measurements

Grinding gives concrete a smooth matt finish by grinding the concrete surface and exposing the aggregates. Smoother (polished) concrete surfaces can be achieved through extended grinding using progressively finer abrasives (finer grinding grit heads/pads) to impart a lustre to the concrete surface.

In the concrete polishing industry, quantitative testing is replacing qualitative testing. By having consistent objective measurements, a client can be assured of consistent results. The key measurements should include properties for surface refinement such as:

Gloss level (as discussed in ASTM D523)

DOI (distinction of image, discussed in ASTM D4039)

Abrasion resistance (discussed in BS 8204/ EN13892-4)

SCOF (slip coefficient of friction, discussed in ANSI B101)

Understand that a true ground and polished finish is achieved through a combination of mechanical grinding, honing and polishing, combined with chemical densification and treatments to produce a properly refined surface that is light-reflective, durable and easy to maintain. Concrete